Mikayla Goretzke-Shannon

Favorite Mediums:

-Digital Art (Procreate)
-Oil Paint



My name is Mikayla Goretzke-Shannon and I am 25 years old. A fresh face in the art industry, I graduated from SIUE at the end of ’21 with a BA in Studio Art and an Associates in Art History. Once the pandemic hit, I gravitated towards the digital side of things which led me to embark on my journey at SWIC for an Associates in Graphic Communications and Marketing. My ultimate career goal is to become a freelance graphic designer- I love the intricate detail of logo design and brand identity. As a woman with ADHD, I tend to focus too much on perfectionism. All of the artwork I have produced feels unfinished, but I have to force myself to take a step back before I overdo the piece. I use this aspect of my personality to my advantage because it allows me to have a good eye for detail. My passion for art developed at a young age and I have continued perfecting my craft since.



For interest in pieces available for purchase, please contact the artist directly

Award of excellence: Mikaela Shannon – “Rebirth” Digital art featuring image of an eye with several butterflies of various sizes and one on the pupil

12x12 Digital Painting

Sticker design.

Sticker design.

Art Print.

Hand study.

 Art Print. 

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