Jay Burgmann

Favorite Mediums:

Watercolor, Gouache




After spending my days staring at spreadsheets, reports, and contracts, I needed something less regimented.  I began experimenting with watercolor and drawing off and on for a few years at a very slow pace.

I’ve learned from a couple of workshop classes, books, magazines, and online videos during this time.  At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked working with watercolor.  It was challenging, to say the least.  As time passed, I became amazed at the professional watercolor paintings I saw at local art fairs and online.  To think that I could one day produce something at that level keeps me motivated.

I was also hoping, through my efforts, that I’d learn some more patience, but I will admit I’ve made little progress on it.  Nevertheless, I realize I need to slow down and take time for my paintings to improve.  So, I’ll keep working on it.

Recently I have been experimenting with Gouache paints.  These are opaque watercolors.  The painting process differs from standard watercolors in that gouache dries incredibly fast.  The paint can also be reworked if need be.

I’ve had no art education other than a short time in high school.  But that was very limited as my high school had been mostly destroyed by a tornado, and the art teacher only had temporary facilities to work with.  So, my efforts began with nearly no experience.  I’m happy to keep learning every time I pick up a brush.

The Gateway East Artists Guild is a fabulous place to experience and learn.  I especially enjoy the loving critique aimed at helping the artists improve their artwork.  The friendships I’ve continued to develop are even better.




For interest in pieces available for purchase, please contact the artist directly

I was honored to receive first place for this painting at the Best of GEAG art Show at the Edwardsville Art Center.

One of my entries from the 2022 Guild show at the Shrine. This is a Gouache painting of a desert scene.

A watercolor image of a calm bay with a colorful sky


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