Mary Berry

Favorite Mediums:

I dabble, explore and experiment with all sorts of different mediums in order to bring forth that which is intended to reveal itself.





As I sit at the beginning of yet another chapter in my life, I am amazed and honored that the universe uses me as a vessel to speak. I don’t always lay claim to what prospers on my canvas. I listen. I connect. I allow this fantastical energy that flows thru each and every one of us, to speak thru me. Sit quietly as you ponder this Art and see what lies beyond your vision. Feel the energy. Connect with your spirit and hear It Speak.

2021 I was introduced to Art by my friend and mentor Darla Cavins. This journey has unlocked, stimulated and enriched cherished memories, dark regrets, new ideas and wild dreams developing a latent talent that lied deep within my soul. Always striving. Always open. Always searching.



For interest in pieces available for purchase, please contact the artist directly

Our Lady of the Rivers stands tall & solemn on our mighty Mississippi. A guidepost for passing barges, a reminder of the power of prayer & a witness to all that has passed on her Rivers. I photographed 2019 & in 2023, was compelled to paint this beauty. Mary was intentional. The background was painted during a meditative state. Notice the Star, Man and Child Angel that appeared.

This 3D cone flower reaches to the sky as if welcoming the sun and yet begging for rain. A lonely petal falls to the ground.

 DNA is passed down thru the generations. Our parents & grandparents passed down family traditions, family beliefs and family secrets, just as their ancestors did to them. Sometimes generational chains need to be broken in order for future generations to thrive untethered, to grow, to become, to be. It takes strength, hope, faith & love in order to break these generational chains. Is it your time? 

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