Framing Tips for Shows

Framing your artwork can enhance the appearance of your work. If you want to sell your artwork, make sure you have glass and framing that is worthy of your artwork and not scratched or dented. When using antique, used or recycled frames, make sure the corners are solid.  

Be sure to have backing board and mats or spacer installed in frames for any art on paper, as well as glass or acrylic glazing.  Tape will not hold glass/art/backing in place.  Always mount your paper art with acid free tape, not masking tape.


Materials and tools: 
Appropriately sized D-rings, also known as strap hangers,  phillips head screws (3/8-1/2”), and screwdriver, hammer, wire cutter, nail, tape measure and pencil.  Picture wire (not craft wire), paper for dust cover and glue or double sided tape to finish the back. You can sand the edges of the paper backing to get a crisp cut edge.

FYI: Sawtooth hangers and the small single hanger affixed to readymade frames will not work with most types of hanging systems

This wiring method should be used on the metal frame D-rings as well.  If this seems hard to do, just run the tail of the wire through the D-ring TWICE and then wrap on itself.  The placement of the screws should be about a third of the way down the frame.   If the height of the frame is 24” the screw should be placed at 8”.

Do it yourself information can be found on YouTube as well as sites such as:    Click on learning center and go to ‘complete picture framing guide’, or try

Please insure frames are ready to hang! There will be no tools or hardware on site to make insufficiently prepared frames show ready.  If your pieces are not ready, you have the option to take them home for refit and return within specified delivery times or they will be unable to be displayed. Contact us if you need assistance, or would like to verify your pieces are indeed ready to hang.

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