Author name: Terri Cheatham

Terri is an Army veteran who began her artistic journey in childhood, drawing, painting and sculpting whenever possible. For years, she worked in oils and acrylics but, after a stint in the construction trade, found that she enjoyed building things. She took a stained glass class in the ‘90’s and fell in love with the medium; a combination of creation and construction. And TOOLS! A few years later, she acquired a small kiln and began making fused glass jewelry and objects. After retiring from Human Resources and during the pandemic, she developed a love for natural gemstones and learned wire wrapping. Again, the combination of artistic creation, construction and tools! She had found her passion! The works you see are a joy for her to create. They are made with love and focus and meant for special people. They are marketed by Trasiret Studio. Terri also does custom work, in the event you have a special piece in mind for yourself or someone else. By the way, Trasiret is “Teri’s Art” backward!

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