Author name: Ana Sumner

In my mid-forties, I was introduced to hand stitching, and quickly fell in love with it. I became passionate about creating art in fibers that portray the endless forms found in nature. My artistic talent was inspired by a Crazy Quilt workshop, and enhanced by various classes in different art mediums. I decided to create art using mixed media with an emphasis on fibers and realism by merging together different techniques in an attempt to convey and capture the textural beauty that is in the world. Among some of the things I love to create are flowers, trees, and ocean scenes. To make this art come alive, I use a series of steps beginning with painting the background to create an atmospheric perspective on the fabric. To do this I use watercolors; acrylics or oil pastels, and sometimes combining all three. I then design scenes by layering various fibers using several different sewing techniques like, machine free motion drawing, hand appliqué, quilting motifs, hand embroidery and felting. As well as embellishing with beads, and other specialty fibers that give it additional texture. Finally, to create depth, value and perspective to the work, I enhance it with oil pastels, watercolor pencils or fabric markers.

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