Peggy Derhake

Favorite Mediums:

Mixed media, watercolor, assemblage, cyanotype, quilling, pastels, zentangle




Born and raised in Springfield, IL, I have an Associates degree in Business from Springfield College in Illinois, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Millikin University, and a Master’s degree in Communications from Lindenwood University. Throughout my education, I have almost always taken art classes along the way.

My art serves as a personal meditative process. It’s not the final product, but the process that intrigues me. I am inspired by everyday objects, nature, different compositions and textures, repurposed items, and a variety of techniques. In fact, learning a new technique inspires me to rethink how I can combine others to create a new combination to spark the viewer’s interest. Once I get into the flow of creativity, there is no turning back. The piece begins to speak to me and lead me in directions I could not have imagined in advance. My work connects my diverse creative skills and the patience it takes to develop them.



For interest in pieces available for purchase, please contact the artist directly

"Springfield Roots" - Mixed Media - Quilling, Papercut, Watercolor

"Obsequious Dimensions 1" - Watercolor Batik

"Style Lives Within" - Assemblage

"HarmoniZEN" - Pen & Ink

""Sway Array" - Mixed Media - Watercolor, Quilling, Cyanotype, Pen & Ink, Colored Pencil

 "Creeping Casualty" - Mixed media - Cyanotype, Gouache 

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