Sharon Campese

May 2023


I am Sharon Campese, a “Hoosier” and proud of it!  I grew up in the southern tip of Indiana in Evansville.

Although I never had any formal training, I always liked to “play with paint” and create things out of nothing.  With a love of all styles of art, I found my perfect match with Mixed Media, combining a bit of everything!  In my collages, every color and piece in it, is there for a reason.

Luckily, now that I am older and wiser, I can afford to take classes and learn from some of my favorite artist who I admire.  I love being part of GEAG and this talented group and enjoy learning and trying something new every month!


Contact me – yogafyt@yahoo.comand check out my FaceBook page @michelangelosmuse


Wisdom Through the Eyes - Mixed Media canvas with layers upon layers of acrylic glazing.​
Moon Glow - Cyanotype with Mixed Media and a little pressed “land art”. Nature picked from the yard and incorporated into the background on different watercolor panels combined with the cyanotype “land art” make the perfect one of a kind piece of art.
Neurographic/Zentangle - Healing Art of Neurographic and the meditation of Zentangle
“Fluttering Dreams” - Cyanotype is one of the oldest photographic processes with a distinctive blue color. Cyanotypes are made by treating a surface with iron salts, placing natural items etc on it, and then let it develop in the sunlight or UV lightbulb. ​
Lincoln in Cubism - Mixed Media on an Ampersand Gesso Board
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