Vivod, Ron


A graduate of Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, Ron studied art at Washington University School of Art in St. Louis, then advanced his education through independent study in Munich, Germany and assorted technical workshops before entering a career in graphic art and design that took him through the end of the era of hot metal printing, cold type, and into the digital age. He retired in 2003 and has devoted his time to digitizing his own photography to create the art he refers to as digital drawing.

His work is all the more personal to him because it is created from his own photography. It has been exhibited in galleries and at art fairs in Illinois, Missouri, and Indiana, winning several awards. It is also included in private collections in Texas, California, Arizona, Oregon, and several midwestern states as well as Canada and Korea.


Artists's Statement

My images are largely inspired by nature, combined with architectural elements stressing the inevitable dominance of nature over the works of man. Growing up among the woods and streams on a farm perched on the bluffs north of Collinsville, I deveeloped a strong affinity for the beauty of the landscape. In particular, I am fascinated by the honesty of trees in winter, the relief of the forest in spring and the pride of the landscape in summer and autumn. So much natural beauty has fallen tot he movement of man; we will miss it when it's gone. It will return when we are gone.

Although my work is two dimensional, it stresses my strong interest in the illusion of textures. I have striven to transform the smooth surface of my photographs into images appearing more painterly and have drawn digitally to render the images unique.


Innocence Appraising-Red-Tail ALONG-A-COUNTRY-ROAD OUTSIDER - Ron Vivod BRUSH FIRE - Ron Vivod A WALK WITH THE GOATMAN - Ron Vivod PRISONER - Ron Vivod FRIENDS FOREVER - Ron Vivod
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