McClane, Patricia

I’ve always been interested in art, dabbling with acrylic paint, oils, and a sculpture class in college, but it wasn’t until sometime in the late 1980’s that I decided to take a class in watercolor plein air at the MO Botanical Garden. I worked nearby at St. Louis University Medical School in a laboratory and could take a half-day vacation for each 8-week session twice a year. I loved the fluidity of the paint and came to appreciate the “adventure” it is when the paint takes over. I’ll never forget the first time a painting truly came to life before my very eyes. I have been intrigued by organic forms with flowers as my true love. Recently I took a workshop in portrait painting and found the challenge invigorating; I intend to spend indoor times in the winter working on portraits. All but two of the paintings I have pictured were done plein air, my favorite way of painting. Thank you for your interest in my art.

Patricia Hutcheson McClane


Peeking-Into-the-Rose-Garden Mothers-Day-Bouquet Autumn-in-Crested-Butte Front-of-Tower-Grove-House Rear-of-Tower-Grove-House Glorious-Sunflower-Copy Glorious-Sunflower Sittin-On-the-Porch Potted-Plant Louis-IX Queen-of-Irises-Copy Daylillies-Through-the-Fence Irises At-the-Zoo E=mc(squared) - Patricia McClane
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