Karen Romani

Hello everyone! I am a want-to-be Botanical artists. I had the good fortune to be introduced to a
wonderful and supportive Watercolor teacher after I retired from the medical field. She introduced me
to the art world and all things creative. It became an obsession, one that has become a driving force
every day. Unfortunately, Marty quit teaching so I was left to my one resources. I have taken numerous
live and internet classes, with some success. I continue to practice watercolor almost ever day, but I also
have gained the confidence to enter shows, winning some prizes. In addition to watercolor, I have
ventured into an array of other art form. Encaustic painting has caught my attention recently.
My other obsession is babysitting my beautiful grandchildren! They’re all under 2 and are so much fun.
They are busy bees all day and keep my husband and I active.
I’m so honored and humbled to serve as President of Gateway East Artist Guild for the past two years
and look forward to two more fun filled years along with the Vice President and an exceptional board.


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