Derhake, Peggy

Derhake at EAC
Paper Birches

My curiosity leads me to explore a diverse set of mediums in my art. I create mixed media pieces that combine any number of mediums including paper quilling, assemblage, watercolor, pastels, acrylic and some digital art in Adobe Creative Suite. I can also do any one of these mediums exclusively, not limiting myself to one specific technique. My art challenges me to use textures and techniques that please the eye and pique curiosity. I enjoy giving new life to what a lot of people want to throw away by using old jewelry, ticket stubs and vintage lace and linens. My purpose in my art is to display my flexibility in adapting to new situations and techniques while also revealing my history and respecting the past.

I hold a Master of Arts in Communications from Lindenwood University. My creative jobs have included visual merchandising (display manager at a department store), designing for an embroidery shop, graphic design, and sign design. I have also been decorating churches seasonally for almost 30 years. These diverse positions have all contributed to my high standards in design. Overall, my art demonstrates a respect for what was, and challenges our thinking about how we think it should be.

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