EAC presents “The Best of GEAG” 2021


Join us for the 2021 Best of GEAG show at the Edwardsville Arts Center! 

Show dates May 7-July 9

To schedule a viewing appointment, visit EAC.

For purchases, please contact Carolyn at Edwardsville Arts Center.
(618) 655-0337 | office@edwardsvilleartscenter.com

The Artwork

The Awards

Best of Show - Ron Vivod "Prisoner"
1st Place - Jay Burgmann "Open Road"
2nd Place - Agatha Klym "Summer Jewels"
3rd Place - Christina MacMorran "Wildflower #9"

Honorable Mentions:
Charlotte Johnson - "Berlin Haute Couture"
Michael Anderson - "Napoleon in Rags"
Sharon Campese - "Gilded Lady, My Tribute to Gustav Klimt"

Scroll through all of the pieces, alphabetically, here.
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Award winners are noted in the descriptions.


Anderson-Music-Lesson Anderson-Napoleon Anderson-Pink-Dog Bosse.End-of-Road Bosse-Going-Bananas Bosse-Guys-with-tools Briguglio-At-Rest Briguglio-Confusion Briguglio-Paper-Towel Bruss.Covid-Retreat Bruss-Colorado-Hike Bruss-Day-Gone Burgmann-BackAsswards Burgmann-Kingfisher Burgmann-Open-Road Campese-Gilded-Lady Campese-journey campese-sacred-circle Cavins-Cityscape Cavins-Grandma-Moon cavins-you-decide Derhake-HarmoniZEN Derhake-Soarin Derhake-Zensible ferguson-rough-seas Ferguson-Spring-Flower Ferguson-The-Mirror Hardin-2020 Hardin-Doublewide Hardin-End-of-Summer Horrel-Leaf-After-Rain Horrel-My-Walking-Path Horrel-Song-of-Ancient-Sunrise Johnson-GodsEye Johnson-HauteCouture Jumper-Evening-Light Jumper-Fishing-Evening Jumper-Rivers-Edge Klym-Afternoon-Rest Klym-All-Spruced-Up Klym-Summer-Jewels kunz-covid-safe kunz-lily Kunz-Spring-Breeze MacMorran-Echoes MacMorran-Wildflower9 MacMorran-Yellowjacket-Tango McClane-Determined McClane-EMC2 McClane-The-North-Woods Mongiovi-Flying-Colors Mongiovi-morning-on-the-farm Mongiovi-Summer-Sillhouette Rawson-Grafton-Pond Rawson-Prairie-Meadow Rawson-Seven-Gods Richter-amber-fields richter-Passages Romani-Market-Place Romani-Pink-Beauty Romani-Read-for-my-Closeup Spears-Afternoon-GLow Spears-Spring-Bouquet Spears-Where-the-wild-things-grow Sumner-Dancing-Trees Sumner-Soaking-up-the-Sun-web Sumner-Wild-in-nature Thorpe-Fiore-Happy-Days Thorpe-Fiori-Solitude Thorpe-Fiori-The-Storm Vivod-Friends-Forever Vivod-Light Vivod-Prisoner

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