Miller, Karen

A self-taught artist born and raised in the Metro-East, Karen was interested in art from an early age, when her Mom set her down with colors and a coloring book, while her three younger siblings went down for a nap. Life Interrupted, when career transported her the west coast in her early 20’s.  But love of creativity never went away, so when she returned to the St. Louis area and started a family at 40, she started taking art classes and workshops.

After experimenting in all mediums, Karen is exploring the expressive use of color in soft pastels and oils.  The rich colors all set in an atmosphere of peace, gentleness and beauty. Karen feels that we should be able to surround ourselves with beautiful art in our homes and offices, not just when we visit museums and galleries.  She hopes her artwork communicates, joy beauty and serenity.

Karen currently lives on 18 acres with her husband, son, 2 dogs, 3 cats, 15 chickens and one noisy rooster.

MacMorran, Christina

Phone: 314-922-6576


I received my BFA in Painting and Printmaking from SIUE. I was able to pursue my love of process, color, line, and texture through experimental poured paintings and with a grant from the Undergraduate Research Academy to study Stone Lithographic Reversals. I continue to enjoy this pursuit in my paintings, pastels, drawings, and clay. I have been teaching painting and drawing locally since 2012, and recently began working with Susan Bostwick and offering clay workshops focusing on handbuilding and surface decoration.  I offer weekly painting/drawing classes, monthly clay workshops, as well as biweekly knitting and crochet classes. My current work and commissioned work is available on my website.


Spears, Marty

Facebook:  Marty Spears Watercolors

I began painting in transparent watercolors in the early 1980’s when I studied at the Herzfeld School of Art in Wiesbaden, Germany. My technique has evolved over the years from simply painting directly from photographs and creating “photorealism” paintings, to inserting my own imagination and creativity into the process. When I work with transparent watercolors, I am reminded that the world around us is filled with various textures, colorful creatures and beautiful places. I begin a piece with a particular idea that may totally change once I see what the first wash of water and paint has created on the paper.

My paintings are built upon layers of glazes with darker details added at the end. I enjoy the bold use of color as I believe it brings more drama to the painting. Although my palette consists of several colors, I generally use only three to four in each of my paintings, blending them to create the colors I desire. When people see my work, I'd like them to enjoy the excitement and intensity of the color, yet feel the solitude and tranquility of the piece. I reside in Illinois, just across the  river from St. Louis, Missouri, and am past president of the Gateway East Artists Guild, and a member of the Edwardsville Arts Center, Jacoby Arts Center, Missouri Watercolor Society, and St. Louis Watercolor Society.


Meier, Beth

I had an interest in art as a child, mainly because my mother was an artist. I didn't pursue art until around 1990 when I began taking craft and art classes. Although mainly self taught, I've taken numerous classes and workshops with well known artists. In the late 1990's I joined the Gateway East Artists Guild, which has given me many lasting friendships and association with the art community. Although I don't promote my work as much as I should, I have won several awards and sold many more pieces. I have shown my art at different places through the years. At this time I have pieces at Tiadaghton House in Lebanon, IL. A creative designer observes the world with sensitivity, absorbing images of the beauty of nature. I take this inspiration, give it form and originality so others may also experience and enjoy that beauty. Most of my work is created from photos of travel scenery and nature. I have always liked to garden and have become a Master Gardener through the U of IL Extension. I feel there is a great connection between gardening and art. At times, I'm inspired to set up a still life arrangement of flowers, fruit or pottery to make an interesting piece. The vivid colors of pastels are my primary medium, but I often work with colored pencils, watercolors and acrylics. Many years ago I chose a line from the song “The Rose” as my inspiration. “Its a dream afraid of waking that never takes the chance.” has been my motivation to continue my creation of art.


Ferguson, Kim

Hello, I am Kim Ferguson, aspiring artist – I have dabbled in art all my life starting with pencil, crayons, oils, acrylics, and watercolors. My first Illinois watercolor teacher was Eva Meadows. My art was put on the back burner for years after Eva ceased teaching. Then a few years ago I found watercolorist, Marty Spears, through the GEAG. I have difficulties with value in my paintings and fortunately for me local graphite artist Kathy Gomric started teaching drawing classes. Long story short I now take classes from Kathy too.





I am still looking for my “voice” or my artistic expression which would make my body of work truly mine. My love of animals and children is reflected in my art. I hope you enjoy it.






Anderson, Michael

morning light bascom house 1920

“My paintings depict actual scenes created in the traditional en plein air method, that is on location in the outdoors. I am always willing to improvise on local color with expressive brush strokes, thickly applied paints and added hues. Energy, texture, color and value are essential elements in my work. My inspiration is simply the way the light falls upon the earth.”

- Michael Anderson


Michael’s lengthy career in art began in the early 1970’s and continues to take him in ever new directions. Michael was a Dean’s College Scholar and earned a BA degree in Fine Art at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. His drawings and paintings are included in public & private collections and have received numerous awards & accolades. His commercial renderings, story boards and sketches have been published in books, periodicals and many design presentations for projects such as the Biltmore Estate, the new St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station, the Saint Louis Zoo, Kennedy Space Center and Chihuly Garden + Glass. Michael resides and operates his studio in Belleville, IL. He is a member the American Society of Architectural Illustrators, the St. Louis Artists’ Guild, the Gateway East Artist’s Guild and the Missouri Plein Air Painters Association.

warnhoff 2
0625 Palm House ptg 1920
123 ptg 1920
viburnum05012016 1920

Vivod, Ron


A graduate of Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, Ron studied art at Washington University School of Art in St. Louis, then advanced his education through independent study in Munich, Germany and assorted technical workshops before entering a career in graphic art and design that took him through the end of the era of hot metal printing, cold type, and into the digital age. He retired in 2003 and has devoted his time to digitizing his own photography to create the art he refers to as digital drawing.

His work is all the more personal to him because it is created from his own photography. It has been exhibited in galleries and at art fairs in Illinois, Missouri, and Indiana, winning several awards. It is also included in private collections in Texas, California, Arizona, Oregon, and several midwestern states as well as Canada and Korea.


Artists's Statement

My images are largely inspired by nature, combined with architectural elements stressing the inevitable dominance of nature over the works of man. Growing up among the woods and streams on a farm perched on the bluffs north of Collinsville, I deveeloped a strong affinity for the beauty of the landscape. In particular, I am fascinated by the honesty of trees in winter, the relief of the forest in spring and the pride of the landscape in summer and autumn. So much natural beauty has fallen tot he movement of man; we will miss it when it's gone. It will return when we are gone.

Although my work is two dimensional, it stresses my strong interest in the illusion of textures. I have striven to transform the smooth surface of my photographs into images appearing more painterly and have drawn digitally to render the images unique.


View more of Ron's art at

Romani, Karen

Hello everyone! I am a want-to-be Botanical artists. I had the good fortune to be introduced to a
wonderful and supportive Watercolor teacher after I retired from the medical field. She introduced me
to the art world and all things creative. It became an obsession, one that has become a driving force
every day. Unfortunately, Marty quit teaching so I was left to my one resources. I have taken numerous
live and internet classes, with some success. I continue to practice watercolor almost ever day, but I also
have gained the confidence to enter shows, winning some prizes. In addition to watercolor, I have
ventured into an array of other art form. Encaustic painting has caught my attention recently.
My other obsession is babysitting my beautiful grandchildren! They’re all under 2 and are so much fun.
They are busy bees all day and keep my husband and I active.
I’m so honored and humbled to serve as President of Gateway East Artist Guild for the past two years
and look forward to two more fun filled years along with the Vice President and an exceptional board.



Mongiovi, Anne

Anne Mongiovi
Vice President

Born and raised in Western New York; lived in DC area 3 yrs, moved to IL in 1979

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design (Interiors) from Syracuse University

Master’s in Business Administration SIUE

7 years of experience in residential interior design

33 years of experience in commercial design and construction management


Early artistic interests: water color and ink drawings, oils and pastels

Current artistic pursuits: acrylic painting, photography