Meier, Beth

I had an interest in art as a child, mainly because my mother was an artist. I didn't pursue art until around 1990 when I began taking craft and art classes. Although mainly self taught, I've taken numerous classes and workshops with well known artists. In the late 1990's I joined the Gateway East Artists Guild, which has given me many lasting friendships and association with the art community. Although I don't promote my work as much as I should, I have won several awards and sold many more pieces. I have shown my art at different places through the years. At this time I have pieces at Tiadaghton House in Lebanon, IL. A creative designer observes the world with sensitivity, absorbing images of the beauty of nature. I take this inspiration, give it form and originality so others may also experience and enjoy that beauty. Most of my work is created from photos of travel scenery and nature. I have always liked to garden and have become a Master Gardener through the U of IL Extension. I feel there is a great connection between gardening and art. At times, I'm inspired to set up a still life arrangement of flowers, fruit or pottery to make an interesting piece. The vivid colors of pastels are my primary medium, but I often work with colored pencils, watercolors and acrylics. Many years ago I chose a line from the song “The Rose” as my inspiration. “Its a dream afraid of waking that never takes the chance.” has been my motivation to continue my creation of art.

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