Brilliant Color II


Brilliant Color II

April 24 - May 28, 2020    
Entries Due: April 17 - 19

An all media juried exhibit of work focusing on the power and significance of color in imagery.

The hue, saturation and intensity of color determine its overall feel or impact. Here, we ask artists to focus on the power and significance of color in their imagery. Color can be brilliant in either its vibrancy or its methodical use in the work. Use of color should be the focal point. Will it be bold or subtle? Warm or cool? Calming or exciting? Use color to speak volumes!

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EAC presents “The Best of GEAG” 2020

Rules and Regulations for GEAG Exhibits

  1. There are three scheduled GEAG exhibits per year:
  1. a)“Best of GEAG” exhibit will be in the spring at the Edwardsville Arts Center
  2. b) “Gateway to Art” exhibit (also known as the Shrine Show) will be July/August at Our Lady of the Snows National Shrine
  3. c)The annual Holiday Show will be held at the December meeting/Christmas Party at the PSOP Building.
  4. ELIGIBILITY:  Exhibitions are open to members only.   Members must be in good standing to enter; the Treasurer’s record shall be considered final.  NOTE: All are welcome to join GEAG at any time during the year, even when applying for exhibitions.  To join, complete a membership application found and submit $35 with your exhibit entry.  All memberships expire the following March 31; dues are not prorated.
  5. Only original works may be exhibited.  Any copies or work done under instruction or from copyrighted photos/artwork will not be accepted. Prints from originals paintings or drawings, giclee prints of paintings or drawings, and digital reproductions of paintings or drawings are not allowed.  EXCEPTION:  This does not apply to GEAG artists who create digital photography or computer graphic art.
  6. Scheduled exhibition venues may exclude works featuring the nude figure; therefore, these works will not be accepted for any GEAG exhibit.
  7.  Artwork must be completed within the last three years for all GEAG exhibits.  Artworks that have previously won an award, including honorable mention, in prior GEAG shows are not eligible for any other GEAG exhibit.   This does not include awards received at the monthly GEAG art contest.
  8. NUMBER OF ENTRIES:  Members may enter up to three original pieces of artwork for “Best of GEAG” and “Gateway to Art”, but only one entry for the Holiday Show.  Diptychs and triptychs which are under one frame will be considered one entry for entry fee and judging purposes. If under separate frames, they will be considered separate paintings for entry fee and judging.
  9. FRAMING/SIZE OF ARTWORK:   All 2D artwork will be framed as follows:
  10. a) Watercolor/drawing/pastel paintings and digital photographs shall be securely and appropriately framed with a mat and under acrylic/plexiglas or glass.   D rings and wire, adequate for hanging weight, are required.  No saw tooth hangers or screw eyes.EXCEPTION: paintings which are floated on mat board with some mat border showing are acceptable. Digital photography shall be matted and framed as stated OR printed on 1.5” gallery wrapped canvas.
  11. b)  Oil/acrylic:  Framed canvas artwork must comply with hanging requirements listed above.  Unframed canvas must be 1.5” gallery wrapped with painted edges.
  12. c)  Maximum framed dimensions on the longest side shall not exceed: 32”, plus or minus 1/4”, for all exhibitions.  Exception:  Artwork for the Holiday Show may be any size provided the artist brings an easel to display the piece.
  13. d)  Mats, glass and plexiglass need to be clean and free of scratches.  Frames must have solid corners and no obvious damage.  Wood frames with glass must have paper dust covers on the back if the artwork is for sale.  Metal frames and framed canvasses do not require dust covers.
  14. e)  The Exhibits committee may disallow work not appropriately matted and framed.
  15. f)  Name, address and title of artwork must be taped to the back of the artwork at time of exhibition receiving date.
  16. The Exhibits committee has the sole authority to accept, place and hang entries. The actions of the exhibition committee shall be considered final.
  17. GEAG is not responsible for damaged or stolen artwork.  All entrants must sign a waiver of responsibility prior to or at the time of exhibition receiving date.
  18. Each artist must adhere to the specified times for receiving and retrieval. Paintings cannot be hung before or after, or removed before, specified times. All accepted work must remain installed until the designated retrieval time. This applies to all GEAG shows, except that the gallery may remove sold artwork when the buyer lives out of town. There will be no early drop-offs.  Artists who are unable to deliver or retrieve their own artworkmay authorize another party to do so.
  20. a) “Best of GEAG” – Edwardsville Arts Center (EAC):  GEAG will pay a fee of $300 to the EAC for the exhibit.   Members will pay $15.00 per piece or $40 for three pieces.  The EAC will retain a 20% commission on all sales (subject to change).
  21. b) “Gateway to Art”– Our Lady of the Snows National Shrine:  Members will pay $15 per piece or $40 for three pieces.  The Shrine will retain a 25% commission on all sales (subject to change).
  22. c) “Holiday Show” – PSOP:  No entry fee.

In light of the continuing health crisis, Gateway East Artsit Guild is temporarily suspending activities until the May Membership Meeting. Current cancelations include: April 1 - Membership Meeting Aptil 4&5 - Spencer Meagher Workshop April 17-May 22 - Best of GEAG at Edwardsville Arts Center


Join us for the 2020 Best of GEAG show at the Edwardsville Arts Center! 

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Deadline for submission is March 30th.

Pay via Paypal

$15/piece or 3 for $40

Best of GEAG 2019


The award winners from the Best of GEAG 2019 are, from left to right: 1st place - Christina MacMorran, Best of Show - Marty Spears, Award of Merit- Susan Kunz, Award of Merit - Ana Sumner, 3rd Place - Lisa Truttman, and 2nd Place - Ron Vivod.
(not shown, Award of Merit - Irene Mueller)

EAC presents “The Best of GEAG” 2019


Thank you to Edwardsville Arts Center
for another wonderful Best of GEAG show!

And thank you to juror Diana Yost for giving her time and energy in her consideration of our guild members' work. 


The award winners from the Best of GEAG show are, from left to right: 1st place - Christina MacMorran, Best of Show - Marty Spears, Award of Merit- Susan Kunz, Award of Merit - Ana Sumner, 3rd Place - Lisa Truttmna, and 2nd Place - Ron Vivod.
(not shown, Award of Merit - Irene Mueller)

Miller, Karen

A self-taught artist born and raised in the Metro-East, Karen was interested in art from an early age, when her Mom set her down with colors and a coloring book, while her three younger siblings went down for a nap. Life Interrupted, when career transported her the west coast in her early 20’s.  But love of creativity never went away, so when she returned to the St. Louis area and started a family at 40, she started taking art classes and workshops.

After experimenting in all mediums, Karen is exploring the expressive use of color in soft pastels and oils.  The rich colors all set in an atmosphere of peace, gentleness and beauty. Karen feels that we should be able to surround ourselves with beautiful art in our homes and offices, not just when we visit museums and galleries.  She hopes her artwork communicates, joy beauty and serenity.

Karen currently lives on 18 acres with her husband, son, 2 dogs, 3 cats, 15 chickens and one noisy rooster.