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Artist of the Month - Susan Kunz


I am drawn to many genera and styles of art. My challenge is to bring all these contradictions together into an altered reality. Inspiration can be anything, colors, objects, feelings or a word. This provides endless inspiration and subject matter for the surreal world I paint. In the beginning things are fuzzy and fluid. I don’t have concrete expectations for the final painting. I explore relationships between opposites. I enjoy the physical process of painting, color blending and building texture. As I add color and texture the painting takes on a life of its own and guides me to the finish. The choices made while creating art reveal so much about an artist without their knowing. The end result describes my relationship to the world.

I am always surprised what the paintings reveal about me.

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Night-Emergence-Yellow-Magnolia Twin-Star-Magnolia Blue-Iris Lily-2 Lily

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