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Artist of the Month - Rosalie Braeutigam

Rosalie Braeutigam

MFA, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

I worked in a print and drawing gallery in Chicago; then had to find a real job. Since retiring, I am able to devote time every day to my creative “stuff.”  I love to explore nature with my IPhone, taking photos of any little thing that catches my attention. I use these photos as references for my collages and for digital manipulation. Experimentation is what I enjoy most. I want to capture nature’s unique, living and ever-changing essence in my collages. I use fabrics, beads, acrylics, and even used dryer sheets.  I crumple, roll, and whatever comes to mind with fabrics, used dryer sheets, anything else I find and gel medium. My interests in fabric manipulation, painting, drawing, photography, beading, jewelry making and nature inspire my collages.

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