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GEAG Holiday Art Contests

Congratulations to Tatyana Robberts for receiving Best of Show for her oil painting "At The Pond"

Artist of the Month - Jennifer Lynn Reida

I am a Native American Artist who lives with MS. Through my diagnosis in 2013, I have learned to be flexible with the mediums that I use in my art. Depending on my abilities at the moment I use graphite(pencil), charcoal, paint(acrylic, watercolor) and pyrography(woodburning). Throughout my life I have used art a visual journal. I put everything I see or feel onto paper. I am currently on a journey of discovering more about my Native American heritage which is playing a large role in my work. I depict strong Native American women from the Cherokee Nation, due to it’s matriarchal society, and because there are many beautifully strong women in my life who deserve to be honored. There is a little piece of each of them in all of my work. The symbolism and culture of the Native people along with the landscapes of the Southwest inspire me in each drawing or painting that I create.


Digital-Portrait-of-Native-Artist-DG-House fa688118-f08e-46a5-978c-9409c4c7f441 Portrait of a Klamath tribe woman - Jennifer Reida Portrait of an elder medicine woman - Jennifer Reida Chief - Jennifer Reida<br /> Wild Spirit - Jennifer Reida Midnight-in-New-Mexico-oil-pastel-on-black-paper Mother’s-love-watercolor Native Heart - Jennifer Reida

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